Break-Out Sessions

Educational Break-Out Sessions (Choose 1):

From Stress to Self-Awareness, Deanna O’Connell, RD

Do you feel that stress is impacting your health or enjoyment of life?  In this session, we’ll explore stress as it relates to pain, emotional health, food intake and even inflammation.  Discover how lifestyle practices help you to take charge of your stress and understand their connection to positive emotions and physical health.  Learn how your self-awareness can cultivate your enhanced personal well-being.


Family, Work, Leisure…Finding Balance!, Kristin Glenn, MBA

Does it ever feel like an impossible juggling act? Let’s learn creative strategies to manage our daily lives!   Our brains are incredibly adaptable and able to help us get through life’s challenges.  Proven strategies from the BrainWise curriculum including increasing your “Constellation of Support” and adapting your “Emotional Elevator” will be discussed.   Past BrainWise participants reports feeling calmer, less lonely, friendlier and more in control of their lives.


 Experiential Break-Out Sessions (Choose 1):

Yoga Meditation Experience, Stesha Irons, RN, CNM, MS

No mat required!!  Women spend so much of their day at a desk, behind the wheel of a car and on their phones. In this session you will be guided through a seated and standing Asana practice sprinkled with mindfulness. This practice will give you practical tips to integrate into your daily schedule to nourish the body and mind.


Stress Less Live More, Jen Strating, MS

Have difficulty relaxing? Looking for a more calm and tranquility? Come learn ways to relax and enjoy a more balanced life. You’ll experience relaxation and mindfulness techniques that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.



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